Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rupert is my kitty.

Monday: I bring a nearly dead cat to the door from the garage into the house. I lie her on the garage floor, not knowing if she has an awful disease, is starving, etc etc etc. I call the vet clinic. Jay wonders what's going on. We explain that "daddy found a kitty and she's very sick. Daddy is going to take her to the hospital." No, she's not ours. 
She was silent for the last half of the drive. I thought she was dead on arrival. No, she howled in pain when I touched her.

Tuesday: Took Jay to daycare; he's asking questions. No, honey, she's not ours. I don't know where she came from. She was very sick. "She's at the hosdibble?" Yes, she is at the hospital.
Canvas the neighborhood looking for owner, not knowing if she is alive (vets don't answer the phone until 8:45). 
Hanging out the Whitehall farmers' market, my friend Ray sez "when did she show up?" Friday. "The 31st." Yup. "She got dumped."
I have to agree.
Called the vet in the evening, she's eating up a storm. Pondering the dumping of a young cat with a $50 collar...

Wednesday: Stop at the vet's for an update. She's doing fine. They thank me for trying to find the owner. Jay is happy to visit the hosdibble and thank them for taking care of the sick kitty. I ask him if he would like to have her. He said, "She's not ours." Would you like her to be? "Rupert is my kitty."
We went on to tumbling class. Later that evening, talked to Dr. Kissack. Talked to Laura.
Talked to Jay. "She's not ours." Would you like her to be ours? He nods tentatively.

Thursday: we take Rupert in for his vaccines. Jay is introducing everyone, human and canine, to HIS cat Rupert. He also helped to carry in the extra carrier for the sick kitty. "Is she ours?" She will be. Is that okay? "Rupert still my kitty?" Yes, always. 

The past two nights, at bedtime story hour, Hallie has come into Jay's room to join us. 

"Is she our kitty?"
She is now.

She likes her new people, and is at home in Jay's space. Maybe it's that just-changed-diaper smell, maybe it's the best collection of blankets in the house, but she and Jay are slowly finding their way to each other. He knows to be gentle because she is still very weak, and she is okay with his excess volume and flailing arms and legs.
He still asserts that Rupert is his kitty, but Hallie no longer poses a threat. He gets excited when she ventures out, and it's fun to watch his eyes follow her. His brain gets very busy when she is out.

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