Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paw Patrol!!!!!

Jay got an extra-long nap yesterday, and the sun is climbing into our mornings at ever-earlier hours. So, it wasn't a too-big surprise when Jay woke up a 5am ready to start his day. I took him a glass of milk and laid down on his bedroom floor with him in an attempt to get him to sleep a while longer. 

No dice.

So, when his bouncing on my mid-section accelerated my need to get to the bathroom, well, it was over. We got up. He went into the living room and I raced for the bathroom.

He found some new toys on the coffee table, and was pretty excited. His 5-year-old friend Zachary had visited from Connecticut over the weekend, and left behind some of the toys he had outgrown. He went right to what he does best- staging disasters. Soon the train was teetering precariously at the edge of the cliff (coffee table) while TowMater drawled soothing, calming words to keep the train from panicking. TowMater delicately hooked the train and pulled it back to safety. "Ta Dahhhhh!!!"

Within seconds the train was in trouble again.This scene played out over and over. I picked up the remote control and moved the train. Silly me.


A train at the edge of a cliff is ever so much more intriguing than one that moves by remote control.

Eventually he got over the novelty, and asked Laura to turn on the TV so he could watch Paw Patrol.

A few days ago we switched from Dish Network to DirecTV for our satellite service (we can only get satellite services out here, so those are our options). We have three months of free premium channels, so last night I watched a movie on one of them until I fell asleep. I shut off the TV and went to bed.

So, when Jay wanted Paw Patrol this morning at 6:20am, Laura turned on the TV and cable box. As luck would have it, Cinemax was earning its nickname, Skin-emax. The 47-inch screen was filled, corner-to-corner, with an unclothed couple wildly enjoying each other's company.

Jay giggled.

I stepped between him and the TV while Laura scrambled to figure out the new remote.

Jay leaned around me. "PAW PATROL!!!!!" 

Um, yeah, I guess that could be a good title for this... guy-in-uniform fantasy and all...

Instead of changing the channel to ANYTHING ELSE, Laura fumbled trying to find the selections of our recorded materials. The center of the screen was filled with text. The upper left corner still writhed in ecstasy while the upper right corner showed thumbnails of the choices. Sex on the left, Dora the Explorer on the right. Then Dinosaur Train. Now Super Why. Oh dear god, Team Umizoomi? Really? The couple rolled over, trading places.

Jay strained to see around me, Laura's thumbs worked furiously at the remote. "PAW PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Finally, the screen was filled with six cute trouble-solving puppies. 

Phew. It's 6:22 am. I need a nap.

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